Class Styles

You don’t need to be able to pull your feet over your head to attend our classes. We believe that yoga is for everyone and all abilities and experience levels are welcomed at every class. Our qualified teachers will tailor the class to suit injuries, needs or the energy of the room, so don’t be afraid to have a chat to the teacher before class.


Need a good workout? Power yoga is an athletic form of yoga, incorporating vigorous, flowing movement with breath. Power yoga is a true low impact cardiovascular workout. Poses encourage the building of internal heat, increased strength, flexibility, and stamina. Practiced in a room heated between 31 – 32°c comfortably heated environment, it is an ideal way to flush toxins from your body, improve flexibility and melt calories.

Don’t be put off by the word Power, all abilities are catered for.

For more information about hot yoga click here.


This vinyasa styled class focuses on flowing movement with breath, with sequences that strengthen, lengthen and relax our muscles. This is a great class if you want to slow down a bit, are a beginner, or just want a little bit longer savasanah!

Flow – Children Welcome

This is an unheated Flow class designed for adults however children are permitted in the room. We have a playpen and some toys to play with, however if your child requires a bouncer or has any special toys it is advisable to bring them. Children are free to play, make noise and do what kids do, and parents are free to attend to their child when ever they need to.

This is not a mums and bubs class and not suitable for any mother less than 3 months postpartum. This is a class for adults to take some time for themselves while still being able to keep an eye on children.

Yoga Foundations

Nothing will be strong with a weak foundation, and the same applies to your yoga practice. Beginners will gain understanding on yoga basics and an understanding of how to correctly perform poses to ensure a strong ongoing practice.

And because learning never ends experienced yogis benefit from ‘checking in’ with our instructors to ensure that their poses are correct, maximising their yoga practice.

Yin / Restorative

We all need to balance body, mind and rejuvenate. Yin / Restorative practises floor based poses, held for longer periods with the aid of props. Focusing on breath as we hold these poses, activates our parasympathetic nervous system to bring balance to our bodies, mind and spirit.

This class strengthens our breath control, relaxes our minds and is a must in today’s overstimulating environment.

Kids Yoga

Imagine a world where children are taught mindfulness and peace? Our kid’s classes are fun and interactive way for children to learn how they can move their bodies, learn breathing techniques to deal with stress, and deepen their appreciation of themselves and the world around them.

Parents are not required to stay for kid’s classes, feel free to grab yourself a quiet coffee or hit the local markets!