A simple and easy 10 minute yoga sequence to help you sleep – suitable for all abilities.

Can’t sleep? I’ve been there, more times than I care to remember. I know my mother will testify that I had a really hard time getting to sleep as a child, and as an adult I still do but for different reasons (these days its more like stressing over work, kids, family, house etc etc!).

So here is a quick 10 minute sequence to help you relax and drift off. Do this before bed, or if you are laying there staring at the ceiling get outta bed and do it! It might seem a bit funny at first but it will be well worth it.

Child’s pose





How: Sit back on your shins and fold your torso over your body. Bring your head down and arms can go either pointing out in front of you or running down your body, pointing behind you.

Why: It opens up the hips where we tend to hold a lot of our emotions. As it gently compresses our organs this improves digestion, a function that our bodies continue while we sleep. By placing our forehead on the mat our third eye is activated, bringing peace and calm.


Upward dog






How: Lay on your tummy with legs straight behind you. Push up through the arms, lift your torso from the ground until your hips have just left the mat. Gaze goes upwards.

Why: This pose releases tension in the lower back and hips. It opens up our heart chakra and shifts our awareness to feelings rather than thoughts.


Downward dog







How: From your hands and knees push up to form a triangle shape. Keep your hips as raised as possible, arms and legs as straight as is comfortable (but not locked). Head will be in align with your arms.

Why: Stretches and lengthens the whole body, releasing tension from our hips and sends blood to the lungs, heart and brain. Improves digestion.


Wide legged forward bend







How: Take your legs as wide as is comfortable. Hands on hips, and bending from the hips take your head down as far as possible. You may want to rest your head on a block.

Why: Releases the hips and encourages blood circulation.


Supported bridge





How: Lay back with knees bent and heels as close to your bottom as possible. Lift your pelvis and place a block under your sacrum. If you do not have a block experiment with books, cushions or rolled up blankets. If the block is uncomfortable adjust it until it is.

Why: Releases tension from our lower back and hips and sends blood to the lungs, heart and brain. Also improves digestion.


Supine spinal twist






How: Lay on your back with knees bent. Slowly drop knees to one side of the body, extending out your arms to support yourself. Keep both shoulder blades on the mat. Gaze can come to the opposite arm or to ceiling. Repeat other side.

Why: Releases tension in the back. Compresses one side of the body, stretches and sends fresh blood to the opposite side.


Supported fish





How: Lay a bolster or a rolled-up blanket from the base of your back and running up the length of your back. Lay back, let the head fall back onto the bolster or bolster.

Why: Opens up the front of the body, reversing the hunched shoulders we usually hold in our day jobs. Opens up the heart chakra.


Legs up the wall (my all time favourite)







How: There is no graceful way to do it, just shuffle your bottom up to the wall and swing your legs up! Arms come down by your side, palms facing up.

Why: Any inversions send blood to the head, heart and lungs, improving circulation and having a positive effect on almost every function of your body.






And hopefully by now you are ready for savasana…in bed!

What are Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) and why do you have them at a yoga studio?

Founded by a 5th generation herbalist and Naturopath, Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) is a system of healing derived from the essence of our native Australian bush flowers. Flower remedies have long been used by Indigenous Australians, and many other cultures, for thousands of years and today we use that ancient wisdom to treat modern day issues and bring balance and healing to our lives.

Flower essences are not therapeutic drugs, rather they work on the mind, body and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant – the flowers.  Working on an cognitive and emotional level, once negative memories or patterns have been released the physical issues that come about from our emotions have the freedom to go back into balance.

ABFE are particularly potent given the metaphysical energy of this land and its relatively low level of pollution, and we are finding practitioners all over the world are using ABFE as an integral part of their healing therapies.

There have been no reported side effects and can be used by anyone, even babies. They come as ready-made combinations or can be tailored made to suit individual needs. Drops can be taken orally or topically, and sprays are also used. ABFE has also worked with the creator of Jurlique skin care to deliver the Body Love System, a range of organic ABFE skin care which has gone on to win the International Natural Health Beauty Awards.

ABFE not only help to give clarity to one’s life but also the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue one’s goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun. The more the Essences are used, the more one is likely to experience greater awareness and happiness in one’s life.

ABFE is used every day in the studio. Before every class we spray space clearing around our practice room to expel any negative energies, I personally use it every day and our beautiful instructors have begun cultivating their range at home.


Essence in Spotlight – Electro Essence

This essence is a combination essence and helps to relieve fear and distress associated with electrical and electromagnetic radiation. When I have long days at my computer I have a bottle handy to take as drops, and every now and then I put a bit on my mobile phones.

Essences have a part to play in the medical and healing fields. After the catastrophic nuclear accident, the Chernobyl Disaster, in 1986 a Swiss medical charity (Green Cross) began administering Electro Essence to reduce radiation levels in children from Belarus who were affected by the Chernobyl Disaster.


Essences used: Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Mulla Mulla, Paw Paw and Waratah.

How to keep your New Year’s resolution

I love making new year’s resolutions, I make them every year. This year my resolution was to have a quiet year. I ended up extending my house, sold that house, bought another house, renovated that house, bought a yoga studio, became an early childhood teacher, started a second lot of study, and played mum and wife with my daughter at home with me most of the time. I also continued working part-time for a large portion of the year and become a bush flower essence practitioner.

It’s safe to say my resolution did not stick.

In 2018 my resolution is to create a happier, healthier me. But this time I will approach it differently in order to make it stick, here’s how:

Break it down

Whatever your resolution is break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This helps you to identify what your goals really are and how you are going to get there. You are destined to fail if you think you can make a huge change overnight.

A small goal for my overall resolution is to cut back on naughty things, like cheese. I have a problem with cheese and consume way too much of it. Its not the healthiest option for me and I need to cut back, so one month of 2018 is dedicated to that. I think I may need a month to tackle each type of cheese I like eating, but we will see how I go when I get there.

Make the time

You make the time for other commitments in your life, why not this? Things don’t just happen if you don’t make it happen, so if your resolution is something that you actually want to achieve then it needs time dedicated to it.

I really want to attend more yoga classes, but I find sometimes finding the time is hard. Next year in order to achieve this small goal, and my overall resolution, I need to plan my time better. I need to start asking for help more and I need to start re-evaluating my priorities. Work out what is most important to YOU.

Support and encouragement

Share your resolutions with your family and friends, and ask them to hold you accountable. I also find positive thinking affirmations really helpful. I have a Louise Hay calendar at home and if an affirmation really pops out at me I stick it on my bathroom mirror.

Don’t stress over slip ups

We are human, don’t worry if you slip up. Just brush it off and start again.

Something is better than nothing

This is something that I struggle with daily. I feel like I need to be superwoman and commit myself fully to all of my commitments and goals, and I beat myself up when I can’t. It’s only when people remind me of all that I do that I realise that hey, I’ve been doing ok and I’ve done what I can. I may want to go to class every day, but sometimes just once a week is all I can do, and that’s ok.

Celebrate success

Making changes is hard. Celebrate milestones. Just make sure that your celebrations support your overall goals (i.e. I shouldn’t eat a cheese platter in celebration).


Try it out for free

I meet so many people who think they may be interested in yoga, but not really sure, and they don’t really want to outlay any money for something they are unsure about. So why not try it for free? From Monday 4th December – Sunday 17th December new clients, or those who have visited in 12 months or more, can attend any afternoon, evening or weekend class for free! Not for you? Not a problem at least you tried!

Bookings are essential. Head to http://bit.ly/2AqklZn to register and book (simply book without payment).

Limit of one class per client.

What I learnt from a 4 year old

I thought the parents were meant to teach the kids, not the other way around? Yesterday husband and I learnt a very valuable lesson from our 4-year-old daughter.

Things have not been going so great lately. We were having a new driveway put in when the concretor left mid-way though job, taking our 50% deposit but leaving us with huge piles of dirt for a driveway. One month later we are still trying to get this job completed. Things have been really hectic at work and basically a lot of stuff has been going on in our lives. We are tired and incredibly cranky.

Yesterday in the midst of cooking dinner, cleaning up, feeding pets, helping with homework and dreaming about wine and Netflix, my daughter approaches us and says that we need some quiet yoga time. She lays down, breathes deeply and said “Savasana with me! It makes you feel better.”

Wow! My beautiful little 4-year-old reminded me how important it is to take that time for yourself. My husband and I had not been valuing ourselves and respecting what our bodies and minds needed to stay balanced. We had been taking out our frustrations on those that we hold nearest and dearest.

Controlled yogic breathing has an immediate effect in not only regulating our emotional responses but also our physical response to those emotions, such as blood pressure and heart rate. Think of how many times someone has told you to take a breath when you are upset, and in labour a pregnant woman is told to breathe (pregnancy yoga is especially beneficial for learning those breathing techniques).

During your next class pay particular attention to the breathing techniques that are being taught during Savasana. A take home one though is alternate nostril breathing. Place the middle and index finger of your right hand in the middle of your eyebrows. Place your thumb on the right nostril, and your remaining two fingers (pinky and ring fingers) on the left nostril. Taking a deep breathe in, close the right nostril with your thumb and breathe out though your left nostril. Then take a deep breathe in through the left nostril, close it with your pinky and ring finger, then release the thumb from the right nostril and breathe out. Alternate and repeat with your eyes closed for 5 minutes.