How to keep your New Year’s resolution

I love making new year’s resolutions, I make them every year. This year my resolution was to have a quiet year. I ended up extending my house, sold that house, bought another house, renovated that house, bought a yoga studio, became an early childhood teacher, started a second lot of study, and played mum and wife with my daughter at home with me most of the time. I also continued working part-time for a large portion of the year and become a bush flower essence practitioner.

It’s safe to say my resolution did not stick.

In 2018 my resolution is to create a happier, healthier me. But this time I will approach it differently in order to make it stick, here’s how:

Break it down

Whatever your resolution is break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This helps you to identify what your goals really are and how you are going to get there. You are destined to fail if you think you can make a huge change overnight.

A small goal for my overall resolution is to cut back on naughty things, like cheese. I have a problem with cheese and consume way too much of it. Its not the healthiest option for me and I need to cut back, so one month of 2018 is dedicated to that. I think I may need a month to tackle each type of cheese I like eating, but we will see how I go when I get there.

Make the time

You make the time for other commitments in your life, why not this? Things don’t just happen if you don’t make it happen, so if your resolution is something that you actually want to achieve then it needs time dedicated to it.

I really want to attend more yoga classes, but I find sometimes finding the time is hard. Next year in order to achieve this small goal, and my overall resolution, I need to plan my time better. I need to start asking for help more and I need to start re-evaluating my priorities. Work out what is most important to YOU.

Support and encouragement

Share your resolutions with your family and friends, and ask them to hold you accountable. I also find positive thinking affirmations really helpful. I have a Louise Hay calendar at home and if an affirmation really pops out at me I stick it on my bathroom mirror.

Don’t stress over slip ups

We are human, don’t worry if you slip up. Just brush it off and start again.

Something is better than nothing

This is something that I struggle with daily. I feel like I need to be superwoman and commit myself fully to all of my commitments and goals, and I beat myself up when I can’t. It’s only when people remind me of all that I do that I realise that hey, I’ve been doing ok and I’ve done what I can. I may want to go to class every day, but sometimes just once a week is all I can do, and that’s ok.

Celebrate success

Making changes is hard. Celebrate milestones. Just make sure that your celebrations support your overall goals (i.e. I shouldn’t eat a cheese platter in celebration).


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